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i have to say today is just really messy like everything just keeps getting worse. but im pretty sure this time of year for everyone just sucks because its that transition period from winter [gay] to summer mmmmm in the school form, and nothing stops.

today rodeo died, its so sad when animals die. ive never had a pet thats died, i feel so bad. i wish i would have bought him a big steak or ham bone for him last weekend because now he can never have one.
im sad. mew. bow wow.

i had a nice birthday although i think im definately at that point when birthdays arent like they were a few years ago, i dont know.

also fuck the boy that i dont even know who was yelling mean things to me out the window in a building ive never been in while i was outside today. i hope you fall in a pile of shit because you ruined my daymy dog died. your pussy is glued to a building on fire.
also fuck the kid who keeps playing 'we are all on drugs' by weezer on his guitar...FOR TWO HOURSeveryday. please stfu

im going to listen to some good music really loud before i have to go to the bernhard center for three hours to hopefully start and finish a group project so we can present tomorrow for twenty minutes/

killll meee.
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