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i have a mixed stomach feeling about the month in which i will be home starting saturday but at least i get to run off to denver for a week to look at mountains and forget everyone everything everyday. energy is nonexistent and i still havent gotten around to patching the [now huge] holes in my jeans and ive stopped showering and im never changing. finals week makes me stragely anxious and bored and relieved of the pot inside the las vegas card box inside the cutout book on the dresser [im sorry but im sadlybeing honest]. americas next top model forces me to always stopdrop everything to watch and vicariously live through. i really have nothing else to say in any type of conversation which i think is a reflection on the lake effect in kalamazoo which causes snow to always be obstructing my view and fucking up my [alreadyshitty] hair. also i have nixed the desire to 'go blonde', thank you everyone for telling me i would look fucking creepy and that my redredred hair looks nice because that feels good sometimes. although it makes me feel strange when i cant get myself to go to sleep without someone in my bed because thats just so fucking lame, but you know what man, whatever. making the band three is causing my fingers to twiddle and tap but i have to study for a joke of an exam. college is soooooeassssyyyysometimes. art classes next semester will be weird although i want to get out of here real bad sometimes. i love all of you.
actually now that things have changed i just have a general feeling of remorse and kinship towards all humans. haha wait did i say all humans. not all humans.
not all humans.
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